Photo of Gregory Jaske

Greg Jaske is an Associate in the firm's New York office. Greg’s primary focus is on the Real Estate and Construction Practices. He has significant experience in representing and interfacing with real estate developers, property owners, and regional institutional lenders in all aspects of real estate and construction matters. This experience includes performing legal due diligence on borrowers, principals and properties; drafting and negotiating loan documents; counseling clients; retail and office leasing; and closing over 200 loans in the aggregate amount of over $1.6 billion.

Data centers are the twenty-first century nexus between the commercial real estate and telecommunication business sectors. Owners, operators and developers of data centers face the difficult task of continually adapting to the rapidly evolving priorities of their ever expanding clientele in order to remain competitive and appealing to the largest number of actual and potential consumers. Cryptocurrencies based on Blockchain-secured transactions have been thrust into the public eye and have become the face of next generation investment opportunities with the spectacular rise and fall of the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum (among others). This post provides a glimpse into how data center owners, operators and developers can optimize their facilities by dedicating data centers with low overhead (achieved primarily by reducing cooling, redundancy and security expenses) to the exponentially growing cryptocurrency mining industry. A full length article will follow this post in the next few months with a more detailed analysis of the vastly contrasting needs of digital vaults or wallets storing coins of cryptocurrency.

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